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Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

7:30pm, Saturday 8 February
Brisbane Entertainment Centre

For more fantastic video, photos, bios and details of the monsters that will bo roaming the concert, visit doctorwhosymphonicspectacular.com

Get ready for an invasion, as Australia welcomes the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, a musical celebration of the iconic BBC series.

In a Queensland first, the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular blasts into Brisbane on 8 February.

Join the mayhem as the QSO performs Murray Gold’s captivating music from the Doctor Who series, accompanied by a big screen featuring specially edited sequences of Matt Smith’s performance as the Eleventh Doctor. Keep checking over your shoulder though, as you may see some iconic Doctor Who monsters roaming the aisles. Beware appearances from the spine-chilling Silence and awe-inspiring Cybermen and Daleks and more.

Join us for this landmark occasion next year in celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in 2013.

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The Doctors

Presented by Queensland Symphony Orchestra in Association
With BBC Worldwide

QSO thanks our supporting partners:

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