iOTA’s is a tale of self-discovery with all the hallmarks of a Hollywood saga. An epic story arc that rattles out of unlikely origins through whiplashing changes in fortune across exotic locations and cramped cages of the soul.

Through soaring triumphs and false-starting heartaches, our irrepressible anti-hero’s white-knuckled catch and release grasp of stardom collides headlong into his quest for integrity, freedom and identity (the self barely surviving the crushing paradox). But destiny has not and will not let obscurity dissolve his phenomenal creative abilities.

iOTA, the multi award winning singer, songwriter, musician, producer, playwright, stage performer, film actor and visual artist has been very busy since his last studio album release back in 2006. In the years since his last album release, iOTA has been anything but in a hiatus.  He has performed in critically acclaimed productions of; Hedwig & the Angry Itch, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Sydney Dance company’s Berlin, while also writing & starring in the international Fringe theatre hit Smoke & Mirrors, the Opera House show Live Young & Solo and most recently the controversial and acclaimed B-Girl at the Sydney Opera House - and picking up Helpmann & Green Room Awards for outstanding performances & productions along the way.

He has had a dalliance with the silver screen playing the Orchestra leader in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and most recently is part of the supporting cast in the latest instalment of George Miller's Mad Max, Fury Road.

He has written, recorded & produced two full length albums in the last 12 months, the first a self titled opus written while on set in the desert of Namibia while shooting Fury Road and the 2016 album Wolf Number Nine.

Whatever role he finds himself in, iOTA is finally living the role he was born to play - that of an exceedingly capable individual and powerful performer, no masks, no guises, no gimmicks, just himself.