Creating multi sensory, high octane, audio visual landscapes prodigal producer Sam Poggioli is Sampology.

Having toured the world extensively from India to Germany to China to North America, Sampology spent much of 2014 and 2015 in studios in Berlin, Sydney, L.A and his home studio in Brisbane, between these numerous national and international tours.

Working previously with a wide-ranging roster of talent from South African artist Spoek Mathambo, to dancehall guru Beenie Man, and Summer Heights High comedy genius Chris Liley, Sampology’s wild talents ignite audience’s imaginations. His latest collaboration saw him partner with twice award-winning neo-soul R&B singer/songwriter, Daniel Merriweather for the epic single release, ‘Shine A Light’. Radio support came from BBC Radio 1, Triple J, Pure Belgium, Studio Brussels, FM4 Austria and Kiss FM.

Love for the Brisbane natives pioneering production has continued to spread. His collaborations and aspirations have become greater. If you haven’t yet come across his innumerable talents then you soon will. Look into the future of sound and tune-in to Sampology.