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#Welcome to Queensland Symphony Orchestra!

Our aim is to be an Orchestra For Everyone, so whether you’re completely new to the magic of live orchestral music or a die-hard fan, we want to you to come along and feel at home with our music-making. Here are some of our upcoming concerts that we think you might enjoy, plus a whole bunch of information that you might like to know about the experience. We can’t wait to welcome you to the world of orchestral music!

Concerts & Events
Musical Sorcery

Musical Sorcery

6 + 7 March 2020

Our concert features a couple of great classics that have made their way into the world of movies – the Sorceror’s Apprentice, made famous by Mickey Mouse in Fantasia and the Saint-Saën’s Organ Symphony, which inspired theme for the movie Babe. The musical magic will continues with legendary French horn wizard Stefan Dohr playing the Strauss Horn Concerto.

Opera Gala

Opera Gala

24 + 26 April 2020

One of our most popular concerts, our annual Opera Gala features the favourite hits from some of the greatest operas of all time. World-class singers, world-class music and beautiful melodies – it’s an irresistible combination.



9 May 2020

Our popular movie-music series returns with a line-up of great music from movies and the classical world on the theme of war and battles. This concert will feature astounding music from soundtracks to heroic action scenes to scores that express the heartbreak of wartime.

Last Night of the Proms

Last Night of the Proms

13 June 2020

This concerts are a perennial favourite and contain a mix of old and new short classical works, all leading up to a glorious flag-waving, sing-a-long finale of patriotic British music.

#What happens at a concert?

At all our concerts we play music created by composers that has been meticulously planned for a large group of 80+ musicians. Some of the music is hugely famous, and some is brand new. In the hands of a great composer, orchestral music is the equivalent of an amazing piece of architecture or a famous painting - it is the height of human creativity. For many people, the most famous type of orchestral music is created by film composers. From John Williams to Hans Zimmer, movie audiences are often moved by the power of orchestra music, even when they don’t realise it. Over the course of 2020 we will aim to showcase some of the best orchestra music ever created.

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The different types of music created by composers include



Longer pieces of music for orchestra



Music for a solo instrument and orchestra


Chamber Music

Music for smaller groups of instruments


Movie Music

The soundtrack to accompany on-screen action


Ballet and Opera

Music to accompany on-stage action

Choral Music

Music for choir and orchestra

#Who performs with the Orchestra?

Every concert is led by a conductor – a highly trained musician who guides the orchestra to produce an excellent performance of the composer’s music. In 2020, we have the immense privilege of having some of the greatest Australian and international conductors leading the orchestra. 

Each one brings their own talent and personality to our concerts, making every Queensland Symphony Orchestra concert unique. Also, remember how we said that concertos are musical works for solo instrument and orchestra? 2020 sees us celebrate this art form with a huge line-up of soloists visiting from the around the world.

Our Musicians

So what do I wear?

This one’s easy – wear whatever you want! Some audience members love to dress up whilst others prefer to come casual. You’ll notice our musicians wear black, but whatever you want to wear is fine with us!


And when do I clap?

Orchestra music is broken up into sections called movements - think of it like courses in a meal. Some people prefer to save their applause for the end of a work, whereas others like to show their appreciation as each section finishes.

Warwick Adeney

Warwick Adeney


#Do I need to know anything about music?

Short answer? No! We find people who are new to the orchestra have just as good a time as those who have been coming for years. But if you’re interested, we host pre-concert talks at most of our performances where you can find out more about the music being performed. You can also learn more in our printed listening guides, which are available free at every performance.

Education Resources

#Anything else?

We think our concerts are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, and there are lots of ways to make the experience memorable. Why not enjoy a meal before or after a performance at one of South Bank’s great dining options? Or perhaps you’d prefer a coffee or glass of wine in the foyer bars? Whatever you choose, we suggest allowing yourself a little time before a concert to relax and find your seats.

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