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Kupka’s Piano

Things are becoming new

Phillipe Hurel  Tombeau in Memoriam Gerard Grisey (vibraphone and piano)
A surrender to intuition and ritual.

Cornelius Cardew Treatise
6 musicians + a ‘score’ of lines, symbols and shapes.

Samuel Smith  Things Are Becoming New
Unfolding instrumental colour and virtuosic gesture.

Brett Dean Old Kings in Exile
Primeval, evocative and crafted with brilliance.

Auditorium 1, State Library of Queensland
4-Concert Pass Adult
4-Concert Pass Concession/Student
Single ticket transaction fee: $3. Multiple ticket transaction fee: $6

Enter a divergent and awe-inspiring sound world with contemporary music ensemble Kupka’s Piano as they perform a suite of audacious and mesmerising works.

“... the seamless blending of sound between instruments reveals a genuine strength of the ensemble. Whether in forming a vertical texture or in handing a phrase from one instrument to another, the sound glows with the musicality of the performers.”
-Greg Hooper, Realtime Arts


Program Notes

Flute Jodie Rottle
Clarinet Macarthur Clough
Violin Brendan Joyce
Cello Katherine Philp
Percussion Angus Wils


Phillipe Hurel
Tombeau in Memoriam Gerard Grisey (1999)

Cornelius Cardew
Treatise (1963-67)

Samuel Smith
Things Are Becoming New (2014)

Brett Dean
Old Kings in Exile (2010)



The Brisbane contemporary music ensemble Kupka’s Piano explore a kaleidoscope of soundscapes, colours and textures in this concert that concludes with Brett Dean’s evocative and mystical sextet Old Kings in Exile (2010). This concert also features a scintillating duo for piano and percussion by French composer Phillipe Hurel, the sextet Things Are Become New (2014) by young Melbourne composer Samuel Smith and Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise (1963-67).


Kupka’s Piano

Flute Jodie Rottle Clarinet Macarthur Clough Violin Adam Cadell Cello Katherine Philp Percussion Angus Wilson Piano Alex Raineri Taking its name from Bohemian painter František Kupka’s iconic 1909 painting The Piano Keys, the Brisbane-based contemporary...
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