Chinchilla Miles Roma Initiative

Chinchilla, Miles + Roma Initiative

Chinchilla Miles Roma Initiative

​Queensland Symphony Orchestra musicians will travel Roma, Miles and Chinchilla meeting the community, workshopping with students and teachers and playing great music.

The tour will include workshops for community musicians and school students, mini-concerts in schools and public concerts featuring members of Queensland Symphony Orchestra. All events are free and proudly supported by Australia Pacific LNG operated by Origin Energy. 

#Upcoming events

Education performance - Roma

Wednesday 9 October, 9.15am to 10.00am
St John’s College, Roma

Education performance - Roma

Wednesday 9 October, 11.00am to 11.45am
Roma Middle School

Community in Concert - Roma

Wednesday 9 October 2019, 6.30pm
Roma Civic Centre

String Quintet at The Creek Cafe

Thursday 10 October 2019, 3.30pm
The Creek Street Cafe, Miles

Community in Concert - Chinchilla

Friday 11 October 2019, 6.30pm
Chinchilla Cultural Centre

Education performance - Miles

Thursday 10 October, 11.45am to 12.15pm
Miles State School

Education performance - Chinchilla

Friday 11 October, 9.00am to 9.30am
Chinchilla Cultural Centre

The Chinchilla Miles Roma Enrichment through Music (CMR) Initiative is an innovative partnership between Australia Pacific LNG and Queensland Symphony Orchestra, delivering quality music education and concert experiences to the students and community of Chinchilla, Miles, and Roma.