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Beethoven Sonatas

Violin Alan Smith
Piano Alex Raineri

Beethoven Violin Sonata No.5, Op.24

Ensemble The Adina String Quartet
Violin Alan Smith, Jane Burroughs
Viola Nicholas Tomkin
Cello Andre Duthoit

Beethoven String Quartet No.11, Op.95 in F minor

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What could be better than spending the afternoon with Beethoven?

Violin Sonata No.5 brims with optimism and is full of adventurous harmonies, elegance and wit. Op. 95, meanwhile, points towards the innovative language in Beethoven’s final quartets. His works in F minor often indicate defiance, and the turbulence and angst heard here are no exception.

These tortured emotions arguably came from Beethoven seeing his city invaded and his patrons evicted from their homes, making this a true snapshot in time.