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Guy Noble's Excellent Musical Quiz

Conductor Daniel Carter
Host Guy Noble
Special guests

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$50 - $87*
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$50 - $74*
*A $6.95 fee applies per transaction.
Choose 7+*
$40 - $92.50
Choose 4+*
$40 - $97.50
*Per concert, choose your own across series. A $14 fee applies per transaction.

A fun packed morning of great classical music by Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Sibelius, Rachmaninov, Mahler, Haydn, Handel, and many more.

It is up to you to uncover the mystery of each piece chosen in Guy Noble’s first ever Classical Music Quiz.  Your cheeky host has a treat in store. We can't tell you the whole program - you'll have to guess! 

The Orchestra will play some music by Mozart (get your trivia ready!) and we will meet Cinderella. Or was it Cenerentola? Or someone completely different? 

Study up, and prepare for an entertaining, fun-filled morning. There might even be prizes!



Daniel Carter

‘Conductor Daniel Carter makes an auspicious mainstage debut, leading the redoubtable Orchestra Victoria in a confident, unflustered manner. Carter’s management of the orchestra, six singers and four percussionists on stage in What Next? is quite...
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Guy Noble

Guy Noble is one of Australia’s most versatile conductors and musical entertainers, conducting and presenting concerts with all the major Australian orchestras and performers such as The Beach Boys, Yvonne Kenny, David Hobson, Ben Folds,...
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