Music Chair Program

Let yourself go... and feel part of the action!

We are delighted to invite you to make a significant contribution to the growth of Queensland Symphony Orchestra by becoming a Music Chair Donor and supporting one of our extraordinary musicians.

As a Music Chair Donor you will:

  • Enable Queensland Symphony Orchestra to expand our number of world class musicians
  • Make a direct and personal contact with a member of the Orchestra
  • Direct your social impact investment towards the careers of our wonderful musicians
  • Experience an open rehearsal including, where possible, sit on stage amongst the musicians and feel the sheer power of a symphony orchestra in full flight
  • Meet other Music Chair Donors at a series of special events and lunches 
  • Extend your networks by connecting with peers, colleagues and new contacts 

Music Chair Donor Annual Fee is tax deductible. Below are the categories: 

Concertmaster Chair                            $7,350
Principal/Section Principal Chair         $5,250
Associate Principal                               $3,500
Section Musician Chair                         $2,100

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To become a Music Chair Donor, please contact the Development team on 07 3833 5027 or email