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Paul Rawson

Chair sponsored by Mr Nick Beaton and Dr Pamela Greet

I must say in my more than 37 years with QSO, the Orchestra has never played better than at this time.

Since I was old enough to stand in front of the radio (about four years old), I used to sing to the radio songs doing a trumpet sound. At the age of 11, I blew a note on a cornet, turned to my father and said, “That’s it, I’m going to be a trumpet player,” and from that day on, began spending hours practising every day.

I studied at Adelaide University under Standish Roberts who, at the time, was Principal Trumpet of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. As a teenager, I spent many years in the Australian Youth Orchestra before attaining a position with QSO in 1977. Around the same time, I was awarded runner-up at the International Festival of Youth Orchestras in Aberdeen in a concerto competition open to all members of the orchestras attending the Festival as well as runner-up in the ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards in 1978.

All these years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time making music in QSO. Performances are never the same of a work as there is not only the different conductor to consider but also the musician changes over time. 

Favourite piece of music
Pictures at an Exhibition orchestrated by Ravel and Moon River by Mancini.