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Yafen is an award-winning Chinese folk soprano who has promoted traditional Chinese fine arts around the world. She is part of the Chinese Police Headquarters Art Troupe, a member of Chinese Musicians Association, ambassador of China Disabled Persons Federation and an envoy of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges.

Hailing from Yixing, south of the Yangtze River, Yafen studied at Suzhou Pingtan School, China Central Conservatory of Music and Chinese People's Liberation Army Academy of Art, and has been under the tutelage of respected vocal educators Jin Tielin, Wang Zhixin, and Tang Zuoding.

Yafen has performed on many occasions with China National Symphony Orchestra, China Police Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra and famous Chinese conductors such as Tan Lihua and Zheng Jian. She has performed in New Zealand, Australia and other countries, and co-produced albums Fellow Meet Fellow, Jiangnan Impression and Fragrant China with China Records and Guangzhou New Era Records.