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Zhao Cong


Zhao Cong is a top musician in China and the Chief Pipa Performer of China National Orchestra. She is revered for her devotion to promoting Chinese folk music and introducing the pipa to the world. Her talents are broad and span many industries. Zhao Cong is an adviser to Peking University Art Troupe and Director of the Artists Committee of Beijing Internet Culture and Arts Association. She is also a distinguished professor and graduate student supervisor at Jilin College of Arts and is China Ministry of Culture’s East Asian Cultural Exchange Ambassador.

Born in a musicians’ family, Zhao Cong received her pipa education at an early age. After graduating from China Central Conservatory of Music, she started her worldwide tour to more than 30 countries with China National Orchestra. She has performed in many world-class theatres including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Barbican and Sapporo Concert Hall, and has performed for presidents and leaders around the world such as Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Jiang Zemin, Hillary Clinton and Kevin Rudd. In 2016, she performed at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China to high acclaim.