QSOCurrent reaches FEVER PITCH

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Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s world exclusive performance with legendary Brisbane rock musician Ed Kuepper at the iconic Tivoli heralded the beginning of its genre-busting QSOCurrent program, and on Saturday 29 April it will reach FEVER PITCH.

Fever Pitch is one magnificent night of Australian-firsts led by Music Director Alondra de la Parra. Think an epic soccer game featuring the legendary Ronaldinho; the raw power of a volcano, experimental orchestral scat and Ella Fitzgerald inspirations… throw in a world premiere, an exciting young double bass player, a symphonic poem, and of course Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and Fever Pitch makes perfect, genre-busting sense!

Fever Pitch will showcase the music of Mexican composer Enrico Chapela, two stunning soloists and a kaleidoscopic commission by legendary Australian composer Joe Chindamo, all performed by Queensland Symphony Orchestra, at Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday 29 April.

Chapela’s symphonic work Inguesu will kick off the concert with a noisy action-packed orchestra recreating a defining moment in modern Mexican culture and ripping open old wounds when the underdogs won a historic soccer match against Brazil. The Orchestra will divide into the Mexican and Brazilian teams; with superstar Ronaldinho represented by first trumpet.

Next up, will be Swedish composer Rolf Martinsson’s Double Bass Concerto played by Berlin Philharmonic’s Edicson Ruiz, one of the foremost double bass players of our time. The exceptionally lyrical piece will provide Ruiz a narrative role, allowing his brilliance to radiate.

The world premiere of another Chapela work, Piroklasta, will follow and is inspired by the worst volcanic horrors and the beautiful, raw power of nature. He devotes each movement to a different pyroclastic feature – from magma to ash – with music driven by passion and chaos.

The finale will be Chindamo’s FANTASKATTO, a concertante work with jazz, contemporary and operatic flavours, making way for his daughter, award-winning vocalist Olivia Chindamo, to dazzle. Think Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Diana Krall and The Swingle Singers thrown in with Rajaton and topped with a zany contemporary twist, and you won’t be too far off this swingin’ finale.

QSOCurrent is a collection of music events that aims to reset the dial with new music, new arrangements, new artists and new listeners; breaking down music stereotypes and introducing new levels to the soundscape of Queensland.

Conductor Alondra de la Parra
Double Bass Edicson Ruiz
Vocals Olivia Chindamo

Chapela Inguesu (Australian Premiere)
Martinsson Double Bass Concerto No.1 (Australian Premiere)
Chapela Piroklasta (World Premiere)
Chindamo FANTASKATTO (World Premiere)

Tickets: on sale now at qso.com.au/qsocurrent