Queensland Symphony Orchestra honoured as Extraordinary Queenslander

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Hear that? It’s the sound of a Queensland Great!

If it was possible to “hear” the sound of maroon, then today the streets, roads and dirt tracks of Queensland would resonate with its sweet, compelling melody, because Queensland Symphony Orchestra was last night honoured as a Queensland Great.

Announced annually on Queensland Day, the Queensland Greats Awards recognise the efforts and achievements of extraordinary Queenslanders for their remarkable contribution to the history and development of this great state. Over 17 years, only 82 individuals and 11 institutions have been recognised as a Queensland Great.

With internationally acclaimed Music Director Alondra de La Parra firmly holding the artistic baton, and inspiring Chief Executive David Pratt wooed back from the United States to lead Queensland Symphony Orchestra into its next exciting era, the company is this year celebrating 70 years of making music for and across Queensland.

And the world is listening. Already winning rave reviews for its musicality, operational strength and international fame, Queensland Symphony Orchestra is the talk of Concert Halls across the globe, and a magnet for some of the world’s great conductors, soloists and artists.

“Queensland Symphony Orchestra is transforming into an orchestra for the 21st century – an orchestra that’s relevant, that connects with all people, across all geographies, cultures, backgrounds and ages, and an orchestra that the world wants to listen to. We are thrilled, excited and so humbled to be named a Queensland Great – on behalf of every single orchestra member, from the First Violin to our dedicated backstage team and the people on whose shoulders we stand, thank you,” said Chief Executive David Pratt.

“QSO is Queensland’s largest performing arts organisation. What’s extraordinary is that we create and deliver unique musical experiences across this huge state. Highly trained professional musicians – at home in any great concert hall on the planet – travel to all corners of Queensland to connect with Queenslanders, to ensure all Queenslanders can experience the power of live music.  There are not many other orchestras in the world that deliver on taking their music to their people,” he said.

“Not only that, the Orchestra is committed to cracking stereotypes wide open. No longer does the orchestra only play classical music; our QSO performs music from the Harry Potter movies and the David Bowie canon to works of the great composers to new music from exciting young creators – beat boxers and story tellers.”

“Again, we say thank you – and come and join us in making extraordinary music!”