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Dvořák Quartet

Violin Warwick Adeney
Violin Alan Smith
Violin Jane Burroughs
Violin Brendan Joyce
Viola Yoko Okayasu
Viola Graeme Jennings
Viola David Deacon
Cello Andre Duthoit
Cello Meta Weiss
Double Bass Dushan Walkowicz

Mozart Grande Sestetto Concertante
Dvořák String Quartet No.12 in F major, American

*A $6.95 fee applies per transaction
5 Pack
$125 - $195*
*Inclusive of Edicson Ruiz Chamber Concert. A $14 fee applies per transaction

Hear Mozart’s only complete surviving work of the crossover genre of symphony and concerto paired with one of Dvořák’s most popular chamber pieces.

Serene, moody and profoundly contemplative, Mozart's Grande Sestetto Concertante is a real jewel with a rich harmony, allowing the strings to share the limelight in this version for sextet. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Dvořák’s String Quartet No.12 is an exceptionally joyful piece of music that contains elements of American folk music with its snappy rhythm – flowing, spacious and bright. Close your eyes and drift to the countryside as the violin sings the birdsong.