Let's make change

#Let's make change

#Please help your QSO to continue to change the lives of those that need it most in our communities.

'Let's make change' is an important goal for all of us, to ensure we continue the magic both on and off the stage. 

We are proud of the long heritage of community engagement and education work that sits at the very heart of QSO.

We are honoured and humbled to continue our life-changing work with our Queensland communities - working with our youngest citizens to ensure their future and the future of their families and communities are filled with hope, health and happiness.

We honestly cannot do this important work without you - let's make change together!

"I feel very deeply the importance of our commitment to the regional communities and I get a real buzz when I see how QSO players are directly playing a part in the musical development of the kids and, also helping to bring musical appreciation to people in the community."

Alison Mitchell, Section Principal Flute

"I love doing the smaller concert in regional Queensland. You get to see first hand, up close and personal the effect you can have on emerging artists from school and community groups and leave behind some of the magic we experience in our job everyday."

Craig Allister Young, Cello

Queensland Symphony Orchestra Pty Ltd (ABN 97 094 916 444)

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra Fund is a tax-deductible fund listed on the Australian Government's Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.