Gordon Hamilton


Gordon Hamilton

Having freelanced for five years in Germany, composer and conductor Gordon Hamilton moved back to his homeland in 2009 to take over as Artistic Director of one of Australia’s foremost vocal ensembles, The Australian Voices. Of their 2013 US tour the New York Times commented "... it was as if the gates of heaven had opened."

Gordon's 2014 work Ghosts in the Orchestra (commissioned by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra) saw a choir stand among the orchestra players, prompting them with sung instructions.

Gordon's 50-minute choral opera MOON (2011), relates the story of Diana the lonely moon who sends out her moonbeams in search of love. MOON has toured Australia, Germany and to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Under a more cheeky guise, Gordon reassembles the contributions of unwitting collaborators in ways never intended. In mock-reverence to Ke$ha, his Tra$h Ma$h (for choir, 2012) reassembles fleeting grabs from pop songs. His Toy Story 3 = Awesome! (for choir, 2011) – lauded by The Sydney Morning Herald as “one of the coolest/nerdiest/funniest music videos doing the cyber rounds” – sets a stream of inane consciousness as spat out by his own Facebook news feed.