By Queensland Symphony Orchestra - Fri 27 April 2018

Introducing Australasia’s first and only female Principal Trumpet Player

Although she doesn’t believe it’s a big deal, Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s Sarah Butler was the first female Principal Trumpet player to ever be appointed in Australasia, and still to this day she’s the only female Principal Trumpet player in the region. Yes, this IS a big deal!

Born in New Zealand, Sarah always loved music and started playing instruments at a young age. 

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By Queensland Symphony Orchestra - Tue 13 March 2018

The girl with the lionheaded double bass

Phoebe Russell could be playing with Berlin Philharmonic, arguably the best in the world. At just 23, she is considered one of the most exciting emerging double bassists on the planet, and yet in April last year the Melbourne-born musician applied for, and accepted the position of Principal Double Bass with Queensland Symphony Orchestra – 15,600km away from her newly adopted home of Berlin.

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By Heather Shannon - Fri 9 March 2018

The process behind 'Study in Morbid Fragments' by Heather Shannon (The Jezabels)

I am interested in composing for orchestra within the context of exploring the effects of synthesised sound on acoustic and orchestral writing. I love to experiment with musical ideas written electronically and work to adapt them for acoustic instruments. By programming a melody into a synthesiser, one can blur the lines between melody and harmony, creating unusual register leaps and detuned tones. The breakdown of tonality inherent in many synthesisers leaves room for an element of unpredictability when developing musical ideas. 

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