Being a Chair Donor gives you a personal connection with our wonderful musicians.

To discuss becoming a Chair Donor and for more information on the various Music Chair options please contact, Deanna Lane (Director - Development) on (07) 3833 5009 or on

We look forward to hearing from you and invite you to feel part of the action.

Help Grow Your Orchestra To Full Strength!

Donate now to increase the number of permanent musician positions by seven to a total of 78 by the end of 2017.

Queensland deserves a full strength orchestra of 88 full time musicians.

With your gift today, we can steadily increase the number of permanent musicians over the next three years, starting with filling seven permanent positions in 2017.

  • Section Principal Viola
  • Section Principal Flute
  • Principal 1st Violin
  • Section Musician 1st Violin
  • Section Musician 2nd Violin
  • Section Musician Viola

Your gift will support your greatest asset – the musicians – and enable us to achieve our vision of creating extraordinary musical experiences that resonate within and beyond our home state of Queensland.



If you would prefer to mail a contribution simply download the printable donation form.

QSO Donation Form (pdf 290.21 KB)

QSO Chair Donation Form (pdf 126.25 KB)

Post a cheque or money order to: Queensland Symphony Orchestra, GPO Box 9994, Brisbane, QLD 4001.

For further information, or to make your donation by telephone, please contact Deanna Lane (Director - Development) on (07) 3833 5009 or on