Our Valued Donors

Queensland Symphony Orchestra is proud to acknowledge the generosity and support of our valued donors.

Annual Giving
Lifetime Giving
Music Chair Program


Recognising music lovers who have supported your orchestra over the last twelve months.  Thank You.


Allegro ($100,000 - 249,999)

Tim Fairfax AC
Tim Fairfax Family Foundation
Trevor & Judith St Baker Family Foundation
Con Brio ($50,000 - 99,999)
Philip Bacon Galleries
Prof. Ian Frazer AC and Mrs Caroline Frazer
Di Jameson
Cathryn Mittelheuser AM
Arthur Waring

Intermezzo ($20,000 - 49,999)

G & K IlettJohn Story AO and Georgina Story
CP Morris    Greg and Jan Wanchap
Justice Anthe Philippiedes        


Grazioso ($10,000 - 19,999)

Dr John H. CaseyDr Graham and Mrs Kate Row                     
Morgans FoundationMrs Beverley June Smith
In memory of Mr and Mrs J. C. OverellAnonymous

Vivace ($5,000 - 9,999)

Dr Philip Aitken and Dr Susan Urquhart      Prof. Ian Gough AM and Dr Ruth Gough                               John B Reid AO and Lynn Rainbow Reid
John and Janet Allan                                       Mr Nick Beaton and Dr Pamela GreetNeil W Root and Trevor J Rowsell                 
David and Judith BealMalcolm and Andrea Hall-Brown                                   Stack Family Foundation
Dr Julie BeebyPeggy Allen HayesSidney Irene Thomas (In Memory)
Joseph and Veronika ButtaMrs Andrea KriewaldtElinor and Tony Travers           
Dr James R. ConnerShirley LeuthnerNoel and Geraldine Whittaker
T.C. and M.R. CooneyFrances and Stephen Maitland OAM RFDAnonymous
Benn DayDesmond B. Misso Esq. 
 Heidi Rademacher and in memory of Hans Rademacher 

Presto ($2,500 - 4,999)

Prof. Margaret Barrett
Dr Betty Byrne Henderson AM
Mrs Roslyn Carter
Justice Martin Daubney
Mrs I. L. Dean
Alan Galwey
Lea and John Greenaway
Dr and Mrs W.R. Heaslop
Ms Marie Isackson
Dr Les and Mrs Pam Masel
Desmond B. Misso Esq.
Barry, Brenda, Thomas and Harry Moore
David Pratt and Ramon Norrod
Heidi Rademacher and
in memory of Hans Rademacher
Anne Shipton
Alan Symons and in memory of
Bruce Short, Kevin Woodhouse
& Graham Webster
Siganto Foundation
Elinor and Tony Travers
Anonymous (2)                        Simon Mills

Stretto ($1,000 - 2,499)

Julieanne Alroe
Dr Geoffrey Barnes and
in memory of Mrs Elizabeth Barnes
William and Erica Batt
Mrs Valma Bird
Amanda Boland
Professors Catherin Bull AM and
Dennis Gibson AO
Constantine Carides
Elene Carides
Greg and Jacinta Chalmers
Ian and Penny Charlton
Dr Ralph and Mrs Susan Cobcroft
Sarah and Mark Combe
Roger Cragg
Julie Crozier and Peter Hopson
Dr Catherine Doherty
Mrs Elva Emmerson
C.M. and I.G. Furnival
Dr Edgar Gold AM, QC and
Dr Judith Gold CM
Prof. Ken Ho and Dr Tessa Ho
Deb Houlahan, Chief Financial Officer, QSO
David Hwang / HD Property Group
Ainslie Just
Tony and Patricia Keane
Michael Kenny and David Gibson
Andrew Koppittke
Dr Colin and Mrs Noela Kratzing
Sabina Langenhan and
Dr Werner Andreas Albert
Dr Frank Leschhorn
Shirley Leuthner
Gaelle Lindrea
Lynne and Francoise Lip
Prof. Andrew and Mrs Kate Lister
Susan Mabin
Mr Greg and Mrs Jan Marsh
Annalisa and Tony Meikle
In memory of Jolanta Metter
Guy Mitchell
B and D Moore
Marg O'Donnell AO and in memory of
Martin Moynihan AO QC
Philip & Janice Oostenbroek
Ian Paterson
Dr Graham and Mrs Liz Pratt
In memory of Pat Riches
G & B Robins
Neil W Root
Mr Rolf and Mrs Christel Schafer
Ms Helen Sotiriadis
Robin Spencer
Prof. Hans Westerman and in memory of
Mrs Frederika Westerman
Margaret and Robert Williams
Rodney Wylie
Anonymous (15)

Tutti ($100 - 999)

Mrs Penny Ackland
Jill Atkinson
Emeritus Professor Cora V. Baldock
Don Barrett
Trudy Bennett
Ms Diane D Bowman
Manus Boyce
Fay & Doug Buerger
Jean Byrnes
Mrs Georgina Byrom
Mrs Verna Cafferky
Peter and Tricia Callaghan
Alison G. Cameron
Kerrel Casey
Mrs J. A. Cassidy
W R and H Castles
Drew and Christine Castley
Mrs Ann Caston
Dr Alice Cavanagh
Cherrill and David Charlton
Frances & Charles Clark
Robert Cleland
Dr Beverley Czerwonka-Ledez
Terry and Jane Daubney
Laurie James Deane
Paul Evans
Garth and Floranne Everson
Rita Fraser
D J Gardiner
In memory of Lorraine Gardiner
R.R. & B.A. Garnett
Professor Mary Garson
Greame and Jan George
Dr Joan E. Godfrey, OBE
Hans Gottlieb
Grahame and Helen Griffin
Mr G Hall
Ruth Hamlyn-Harris
Yvonne Hansen
Madeleine Harasty
David Hardidge
Chip Hedges Pty Ltd
Dr Alison Holloway
In memory of Allan Holman
Mr John Hornibrook
Peter and Catherine Hudson
Lynette Hunter
Prudence Israel
Sandra Jeffries and Brian Cook
John and Wendy Jewell
Ruth Kerr
Jean Leary
Rachel Leung
Jane Lee Ling
Lesley Lluka
Fay Matheson
Dr David Mcevoy
Mrs Margaret McNamara
G.D. Moffett
Dr Tom Moore
In memory of Mildred Wise Muirhead
Howard and Katherine Munro
John and Robyn Murray
Ronny Ng
Ron and Marise Nilsson
T & M.M. Parkes
Robin Powell
DP & DE Radke
Sir Nilesh Kumar Ram
Dr John Ratcliffe & Dr Helen Kerr
Dr Phelim Reilly
Dennis Rhind
Gordon Richardson
M. Robinson
Dr Mary Rose
Joan Ross
Felicia Saint-Smith
Steven and Amanda Sartor
Mrs Betty See
Nicholas W Smith
Mrs Eithne Stafford
Alison Stanford
Pat Stevens
Barb and Dan Styles
Katherine Trent and Paul Reed
Mrs H Tully
William Turnbull
H R Venton
Tanya Viano
I S and H Wilkey
Judith Williams
Jeanette Woodyatt
Peter & Jeanette Young
Anonymous (116)



Recognising those visionary donors whose regular, lifetime giving exceeds $10,000.  Thank You.

Platinum ($500,000+)

Tim Fairfax AC
Tim Fairfax Family Foundation
Arthur Waring

Diamond ($250,000 - 499,999)

Prof Ian Frazer AC and Mrs Caroline Frazer
The Pidgeon Family
Dr Peter Sherwood
Trevor & Judith St Baker Family Foundation

Patron ($100,000 - 249,999)

Philip Bacon Galleries                            
Estate Susan Mary Blake
Estate Barbara Jean Hebden
Di Jameson
Jellinbah Group
Cathryn Mittelheuser AM

John B. Reid AO and Lynn Rainbow-Reid
Mrs Beverley June Smith
John Story AO and Georgina Story
Greg and Jan Wanchap
Noel and Geraldine Whittaker

Maestro ($50,000 - 99,999)

Peggy Allen Hayes
The John Villiers Trust
Mrs Andrea Kriewaldt
Frances and Stephen Maitland OAM RFD

In memory of Mr and Mrs J.C. Overell          
Justice Anthe Philippides
Dr Graham and Mrs Kate Row

Symphony ($20,000 - 49,999)

Dr Philip Aitken and Dr Susan Urquhart
David and Judith Beal
Dr Julie Beeby
Mrs Roslyn Carter
Dr John H. Casey
Ms Marie Isackson
Desmond B Misso Esq.
In memory of Margaret Mittelheuser AM
Justice Anthe Philippides
Heidi Rademacher and in memory of
Hans Rademacher
Dr Damien Thomson and Dr Glenise Berry
Rodney Wylie
Anonymous (2)

Concerto ($10,000 - 19,999)

Dr Ralph and Mrs Susan Cobcroft
Mrs I.L. Dean
Tony Denholder and Scott Gibson
Mrs Elva Emmerson
Sophie Galaise
Alan Galwey
Prof. Ian Gough AM and Dr Ruth Gough
Dr and Mrs W.R. Heaslop
Gwenda Heginbothom
Tony and Patricia Keane
John and Helen Keep
Michael Kenny and David Gibson
Dr Les and Ms Pam Masel
Ian Paterson
Anne Shipton
Elinor and Tony Travers



Music Chair Donors support an individual musician's role within the Orchestra and gain fulfilment through personal interactions with their chosen musicians. Thank you.

Warwick Adeney Irit Silver
Prof. Ian Frazer AC and
Mrs Caroline Frazer
Jann Keir-HaanteraArthur Waring
 Ms Helen Sotiriadis 
Estate of Barbara Jean Hebden CLARINET
 Graham SimpsonKate Travers
Cathryn Mittelheuser AMAlan GalweyDr Julie Beeby
John Story AO and Georgina StoryNicholas TomkinSECTION PRINCIPAL BASSOON
 Alan SymonsNicole Tait
ASSOCIATE CONCERTMASTER In memory of Margaret Mittelheuser AM
 David LaleDavid Mitchell
FIRST VIOLINArthur WaringJohn and Helen Keep
Shane Chen  
 CELLOEvan Lewis
Lynn ColeHyung Suk BaeCP Morris
Neil W. RootBenn Day 
Priscilla HockingJohn Story AO and Georgina StoryClaire Ramuscak
Dr Colin and Mrs Noela Kratzing CP Morris
 Young Professional Circle 
Aitken Whyte LawyersCELLOFRENCH HORN
 Kathryn CloseMalcolm Stewart
Rebecca SeymourDr Graham and Mrs Kate RowArthur Waring
Dr John H. Casey  
Joan ShihAnne ShiptonFRENCH HORN
Simon Mills Alex Miller
 Matthew JonesMr Nick Beaton & Dr Pamela Greet
Brenda SullivanM.J. Bellotti 
Heidi Rademacher and FRENCH HORN
in memory of Hans RademacherMatthew KinmontVivienne Collier-Vickers
 Dr Julie BeebyMs Marie Isackson
 Kaja SkorkaLauren Manuel
Stephen TookeRobin SpencerDr John H. Casey
Tony and Patricia Keane  
Brynley White TRUMPET
Graeme Rosewarne and Jim O'NeillCraig Allister YoungSarah Butler
 Di JamesonMrs Andrea Kriewaldt
Dr John H. CaseyPhoebe RussellRichard Madden
 Di JamesonElinor and Tony Travers
Wayne Brennan  
Arthur WaringSidney Irene Thomas (In Memory)TRUMPET
  Paul Rawson
Jane BurroughsDOUBLE BASS 
Dr Graham and Mrs Kate RowDushan WalkowiczSECTION PRINCIPAL
 Amanda BolandTROMBONE
Faina Dobrenko Jason Redman
The Curavis FundDOUBLE BASSFrances and Stephen Maitland OAM RFD
 Anne Buchanan
Simon DobrenkoDr Betty Byrne Henderson AMASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL
The Curavis Fund TROMBONE
 Justin BullockDale Truscott
Natalie LowMichael Kenny and David GibsonPeggy Allen Hayes
Dr Ralph and Mrs Susan Cobcroft  
Nicholas ThinRoslyn CarterThomas Allely
Benn Day Arthur Waring
 Ken Poggioli 
Simon MillsAnonymousPRINCIPAL HARP
  Jill Atkinson
Young Professional CircleASSOCIATE PRINCIPALNoel and Geraldine Whittaker
Helen TraversHayley RadkePRINCIPAL TIMPANI
Elinor and Tony TraversDesmond B Misso EsqTim Corkeron
  Dr Philip Aitken and Dr Susan Urquhart
Trevor J RowsellKate LawsonPeggy Allen Hayes
 Dr James R Conner 
Yoko OkayasuHuw JonesDr Graham and Mrs Kate Row
Dr Damien Thomson & Dr Glenise BerryProf. Ian Gough AM and Dr Ruth Gough 
Charlotte Burbrook de VereOBOEDr Graham and Mrs Kate Row
Di JamesonSarah Meagher 
 Sarah and Mark Combe 
Nicole Greentree  
Shirley LeuthnerOBOE 
 Alexa Murray 
Bernard HoeyDr Les and Ms Pam Masel 
Desmond B Misso Esq  
Kirsten Hulin-BobartVivienne Brooke 
CP MorrisCP Morris