Our Talented Musicians

Violin 1


Warwick Adeney

Prof. Ian Frazer AC and Mrs Caroline Frazer; Estate Barbara Jean Hebden; Cathryn Mittelheuser AM; John Story AO and Georgina Story
Warwick Adeney was born into a large family of violinists and trained at Queensland Conservatorium alongside three of his siblings. There he learnt with Dr Anthony Doheny, was a member of the Ambrosian Quartet, and...
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Lynn Cole

Chair sponsored by Neil W. Root
Music is truly a universal language. I studied a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance at the Eastman School of Music and a Master of Music in Violin Performance at the Northwestern University in Illinois...
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Stephen Tooke

Chair sponsored by Tony and Patricia Keane
Coming from a musical family, music has always been a part of my life. The importance of music has become more apparent to me since having my son three years ago. The smile on his...
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Violin 2


Associate Principal Viola

Yoko Okayasu

Chair sponsored by Dr Damien Thomson and Dr Glenise Berry


Associate Principal Cello

Hyung Suk Bae

Chair sponsored by Georgina and John Story; Benn Day; and Young Professionals Circle Patrons

Kathryn Close

Chair sponsored by Dr Graham and Mrs Kate Row
Music is my life and I cannot imagine a life without music in it. Music is a pathway to emotions, feelings and ideas that may have otherwise remained buried. I began my music studies in...
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Double Bass

Section Principal

Phoebe Russell

Chair sponsored by Di Jameson; Sidney Irene Thomas (In Memory)
Double bassist Phoebe Russell enjoys a career as an active soloist, performer and educator. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Phoebe Russell studied at the Australian National Academy of Music under the tutelage of Damien Eckersley. At...
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Double Bass

Justin Bullock

Chair sponsored by Michael Kenny and David Gibson
Instrumental music is my real love, as its meaning is quite individual and the piece can mean something different every time you hear it, as it isn't bound by text. As we live in a...
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Section Principal Oboe

Huw Jones

Chair sponsored by Professor Ian Gough AM and Dr Ruth Gough
Associate Principal Oboe

Sarah Meagher

Chair sponsored by Sarah and Mark Combe
Music has marked every significant life event if I am to look back. Much of what I treasure is connected with music. Early memories of my father singing at dinner parties, my mother crying singing...
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Section Principal Bassoon

Nicole Tait

Chair sponsored in Memory of Margaret Mittelheuser AM
Whether it’s Bach, The Beatles or Beyoncé, it doesn't matter what your flavour is; music is important for liberating the soul and the mind. It moves us and motivates us. It can bring back a...
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French Horn

Associate Principal French Horn

Alex Miller

Chair sponsored by Mr Nick Beaton and Dr Pamela Greet
French Horn

Vivienne Collier-Vickers

Chair sponsored by Ms Marie Isackson
Music has the ability to fire up any emotion at any time. It can excite you or calm you. Most people listen to music almost as a form of therapy for the soul. It transports...
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Paul Rawson

Chair sponsored by Mr Nick Beaton and Dr Pamela Greet
I must say in my more than 37 years with QSO, the Orchestra has never played better than at this time. Since I was old enough to stand in front of the radio (about four...
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Section Principal Trombone

Jason Redman

Chair sponsored by Frances and Stephen Maitland OAM RFD
Music for me is being able to express feelings, to create sounds that live and breathe and move other people to feel some of what I feel when I’m playing, and it’s particularly satisfying when...
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Principal Tuba

Thomas Allely

Chair sponsored by Arthur Waring
Tuba player Thomas Allely hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. Thomas completed his undergraduate degree at Victoria University Wellington, and his postgraduate study in Australia with Steve Rosse of the Sydney Symphony, and also at DePaul...
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Principal Harp

Jill Atkinson

Chair sponsored by Noel and Geraldine Whittaker
Music is totally part of who I am. I cannot imagine a day without music in it. It lifts my mood when I am down, and takes me to great heights. Music challenges, soothes, heals,...
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Principal Timpani

Tim Corkeron

Chair sponsored by Dr Philip Aitken and Dr Susan Urquhart; and Peggy Allen Hayes
Live orchestral music for me brings out something from within that nothing else can do... like a very well written script in a play or a poem, it evokes emotion. It’s wonderful, it makes you...
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